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The Collections of Old Gippstown

Our collections are vast and varied. Every heritage building houses collections pertaining to its era.

Our significant collections include:

  • Narracan Mechanics’ Institute Library, one of four surviving intact Mechanics’ Institute libraries in Victoria with over 2,300 books on their original shelving.
  • Dr J.M. Andrew and Family Collection, an unadulterated collection representing a variety of items used during the life of the first medical officer appointed to the now extinct town of Yallourn, and housed in an old relocated Yallourn house.
  • Tuck Tinsmithing and Plumbing Collection, a rare collection of plumbing and tinsmith tools used by one family over three generations.
  • Camera and Photography Collection, a large collection ranging from old bellows-type cameras and including the old Yallourn cinema projector.
  • Military Collection, a comprehensive well documented collection including the SMS Emden steam whistle, 1916 Mark VI horse-drawn ambulance and 1918 general service wagon from World War I, as well as many other artefacts from World War II and other military conflicts in which Gippslanders were deployed.
  • Horse-Drawn Vehicles Collection housed in an old Gippsland coach house and one of the largest displays of horse-drawn vehicles in Victoria.

There is also an extensive display of old farm equipment including the massive Clayton & Shuttleworth thresher and a Sunshine Harvester housed in our Farm Contractors’ Shed.

Military Collection

Military Collection

Old Gippstown Military Collection seeks to recognise and acknowledge the supreme sacrifices so many of our men and women from Gippsland made for their family and country in all military conflicts

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Horse Drawn Vehicles

Horse Drawn Vehicles

One of the largest display of horse-drawn vehicles in Victoria housed in an old coach house and includes Butcher’s Cart; two Coal Box Buggies; Double Brougham; Farmer’s Dog Cart; Sidebar Whitechapel Cart

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Donate your time

Help us by donating your time and become a collections volunteer.

If you have a passion for Gippsland history and some time to spare, please give your time & help in the role of collecting the wonderful artefacts and keep Old Gippstown thriving with the history of Gippsland.

If you’d like more information, please contact the Heritage Buildings and Collections Management Team on (03) 5127 3082 or use the contact form to obtain more details about this service.