Dressmaker’s Shop

This building came as a shop from Traralgon some time prior to 1972 and the verandah has been added. In the early 1900s, Sarah Carter, recently widowed and an experienced dressmaker, rented a small shop and dwelling at the eastern end of Seymour Street in Traralgon, and moved there with her family. That shop was later burnt down. This shop at Old Gippstown is not originally Sarah Carter’s shop. Items on display include Sarah’s 1924 Singer sewing machine, as well as an 1871 Wilcox and Gibbs Chain Stitcher sewing machine and many other vintage sewing machines, flat irons and old dresses. There is also a photograph of Sarah’s son, William, who enlisted in the A.I.F. and was killed in the 1915 ANZAC landings.

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